Residence permits

Our team will swiftly clear the formal aspects which are necessary for obtaining the permanent residence permit or Paraguayan nationality. We will support you at the procedure of opening the bank account which is obligatory for immigrants and provide valuable advices regarding taxes, business opportunities and properties.

Permanent residence (Radicación permanente) and the Paraguayan Identity Card (Cédula de Identidad)

A permanent residence permit allows you to stay in Paraguay without any limit. You may take a principal or secondary residence, work, or start an individual business. Paraguay also offers a series of tax reductions for residents.

You should bring to Paraguay the following documents:

1.  A certificate of conduct issued by the police, authenticated and not older than three months
(all persons older than 14 years)
2.  Passport (valid for 6 months from the date of arrival)
3.  Birth certificate including apostille, not older than 3 months
4.  Marriage certificate, if necessary
5.  Divorce certificate, if necessary
6.  For school children, the last school certificate
7.  A migration permit for persons minor than 18 years issued by the parent which remains in the home country
(also in case of divorced parents)
8.  If you plan to work in your profession, the pertinent diplomas or certificates.

All documents should be authenticated by the Paraguayan embassy of your homeland

Our service:
We provide a swift and trouble-free procedure at the migration authority in Paraguay. This includes the translation and legalization of certificates at the government departments, the obtaining of necessary information at the police and Interpol, the solicitation of a residence and health certificate as well as a penal registry. The time of issuing a permanent residence varies very much from case to case. We will keep you up to date about the latest information by e-mail.

Three years after issuing of your permanent residence, you may already apply for the Paraguayan nationality. Of course we will be happy to assist you with the corresponding procedures.

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