Legal advice

Legal advice for start-up businesses

Our agency provides a full service of legal advice for the starting of a new business.
From an innovative business concept and the development of a realistic concept until the founding and operation of a company, Alice Neufeld and Associates will provide support both in legal issues as well as business strategies.

An overview of our services:

  • Acquisition or founding of a company
  • Setup or acquisition of properties and installation of infrastructure
  • Properties management and structuring
  • Advice concerning tax law
  • Consulting for business administration
  • Accounting




Tax law

Our clients rely on our consultancy in all concerns regarding taxes before and after starting a business. We assist our clients in meeting the requirements for statal promotional measures issued by the Paraguayan government in a series of business fields as well as the regulations of tax-deducted areas (“zonas francas” etc.).

Our lawyers and consultants specialized in taxes provide a continuous support in all business transactions which allows you to profit from efficient tax solutions at any time.


Commercial law

We provide a vast knowledge of commercial structures and design of commercial contracts. Our focus is on consultancy for foreign companies and individuals regarding contracts of co-operations, joint ventures, franchising, licensing and sales.

Our experts will always keep an eye on a swift and trouble-free transaction process and will inform you at an early stage of possible breakings of agreements, unclear terminologies and unfair business practices.




Procedural and criminal law

Alice Neufeld and Associates is known for a careful and solution-oriented handling of complex private and business conflicts.

Our main objective lies in avoiding legal disputes. We prefer the solution of conflicts out of court by agreeing on a settlement. This is important in Paraguay, because legal disputes tend to be especially time and cost intensive in our country. Before starting a legal process, we will always study the legal and objective situation in order to have a prospect of success before taking the issue to court.

Beyond the dispute itself, our service of legal consultancy also includes a regular reporting on the dispute in process, which provides a maximum of transparency and reliability for our clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to support you in finding a solution for your individual concerns.

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