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For many years, Alice Neufeld and Consulting co-operates with international and local experts, which guarantees a trouble-free and quick proceeding of importing goods during move and transportation of goods to their destination.

Paraguay’s toll procedures are known to be an issue of uncertainty regarding costs and security. Based on our experience we are able to elaborate a non-binding forecast of costs in order to give you an overview of the costs which you might face for toll fees. We will always make an effort to inform you in time about the current situation in order to render your toll procedures as quick and as cost-efficient as possible. A well-prepared documentation will almost always guarantee a toll procedure within 48 hours.

Toll costs
Toll costs are calculated individually, taking into account the weight, size and item list of the container. The moving goods of immigrants may be imported without any costs except an administrative fee. Vehicles and machines are excluded from these goods and are due to toll. Please read the concerning indications below (Importing vehicles and machines).

Important: The packing list of the moving goods may not include its price or value. The exact weight of the container including its content must be indicated. In any case we recommend that you provide us in advance the packing list as well as the shipping document provided automatically by your shipping company at the place of issue. This may save time, problems and additional costs.

Importing vehicles and machines
Toll fees are issued by the toll authority and vary for cars, agricultural machines, vans, industrial vehicles and other machines. The sum of acquisition price, freight costs and insurance fees is the so-called CIF Value, which serves as a basis for calculation of toll fees.

Important: Paraguayan law prohibits importing vehicles older than 10 years. However some exceptions are made for immigrants, but this will require an extra fee which is charged in addition to the toll fee for vehicles.

For an individual forecast of toll fees, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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