Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!

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30 years of professionalism, knowledge and experience make up a strategic advantage which you may rely on: We are happy to meet your challenges.

Your tasks and questions do not mean a problem for us, but rather a challenge. Our main focus and concern is on solutions of high quality and sustainability for our clients.

Our clients are fundamental for any activity of our business. An open and honest attitude will always be essential for elaborating solutions which meet exactly the needs of our clients and their individual situation. A detailed and transparent billing system will provide a maximum of reliability in our service.

Respect and fairness are our main principles in all personal conversations with our clients. This is a most important aspect especially in difficult situations and personal conflicts and an essential basis for all involved persons or parties. All discussions have to take part in an objective way and may not be influenced by personal feelings towards the opponent.

A reliable co-operation requires absolute discretion and secrecy concerning any personal information of our clients. This code of conduct is accepted and essential for all colleagues of Alice Neufeld and Associates.

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